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Welcome to Joe and The Gluten Free Life.  If this is your first time visiting: happy to have you here. If it is not...welcome back!

As a celiac and home cook I have gathered wonderful information and developed hundreds of recipes aimed not only to help others like me, but to deliver great meals  to all without compromising flavor or quality.

Living a healthy delicious gluten free life is possible!

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Discover cocktails & libations that are 100% gluten free

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Asparagus Wrapped in Proscioutto
Cream of Mushroom
Tuna Poke
Orange Cheesecake
Sugar Cookies
Baked Potato Mash
Cranberry Amaretto Sauce
Cranberry Banana Bread
Holiday Turkey
Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup

ALL About gluten

Products and business that are 100% gluten free or cater to the community

Symptoms in Adults and Children

Long Term health effects of Celiac Disease

Testing for Celiac Disease

How Celiac Disease is diagnosed

Treatments available for Celiac Disease

What to expect when going

Gluten Free

Sources of Gluten

Products with hidden gluten 

Ingredients found in labels that may or may not have gluten

Alcoholic beverages and vinegars that  may or may not contain gluten

Makeup, oral products, hygiene products, medications, and toys that may contain gluten

How to protect yourself from cross-contact

Things you can do to help your body if accidentally "glutened"

Resources available the gluten free community

 International Organizations per country that cater to the gluten free community

Social Media groups that cater to the gluten free community

Apps for safe dinning, shopping, and more!

Publications geared to help the gluten free community

Learn what gluten is and  how it can affect people

What is Celiac Disease

Causes, risk factors, and complications of Celiac Disease

 Non-Responsive and Refractory Celiac Disease

Autoimmune Disorders & Medical Conditions


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Great ideas for dinners, holidays, special occasions, and more!

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