Cosmetics, Medications & Toys

Believe or not, gluten can be found in and assortment of common products we use, ingest and come in contact with every day:  from cosmetics to medications to children's toys.


Here are a few things that contain gluten and it is important to be aware of: 

  • Lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, or other cosmetic used near the mouth because they may be unintentionally ingested

  • Oral care and dental products (Learn about Oral Health)

  • Communion wafers

  • Herbal or nutritional supplements

  • Drugs and over-the-counter medications (Learn about Gluten in Medication)

  • Vitamins and supplements (Learn about Vitamins and Supplements)

  • Play-dough: children may touch their mouths or eat after handling wheat-based play-dough. For a safer alternative, make homemade play-dough with gluten-free flour.

Sources: Celiac Disease Foundation 

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