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Celiac, home cook, RA/fibromyalgia warrior, cancer/cardiac survivor, world traveler, and above lover.

Thank you for visiting my website! 

I am former Fitness Trainer and a Geographer and Graphic Designer by trade but always had a passion for food and cooking which developed early in life from watching my mom making amazing meals for her family.

Being exposed to many diverse peoples and cultures while growing up helped me acquire a deep appreciation for all kinds of delectables things, which in turn allowed me to create my own personal cooking style: rustic, simple, flavorful, international, and delicious!

After being diagnosed as celiac in 2010, I spent months developing gluten free recipes that would not only look amazing but taste better than "regular food".  I have developed many new recipes but also transformed some of my favorite traditional dishes into gluten free recipes. But it is not all about recipes and cooking. I also wanted to create a "one-stop" website where people could find helpful information that would help them live a healthy and happy life.

It is my hope this website helps you live a full and delicious gluten free life!


Joe S.

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