Hurricane Cocktail

Learn how to make this legendary cocktail from New Orleans made with fruit juices and rum!

If you ever been to New Orleans, and walked through the streets in the French Quarter, then chances are that you either had a Hurricane in hand or saw people with them. This is one of the most famous cocktails anywhere in the city. Served in tall glasses with long straws and showcasing a beautiful bright color.

What is in a Hurricane Cocktail?

A Hurricane cocktail is made with either passion fruit syrup or juice, lemon juice, grenadine, and crushed ice. It is served garnished with orange slices and maraschino cherries.

This is my version of The Hurricane Cocktail. It is refreshing, sweet, and loaded with rum... just perfect! Instead of passion fruit syrup, I use passion fruit juice. I also like to do a 50/50 ratio of lemon and orange juice.

What is the flavor profile?

Sweet, fruity, refreshing, with a tangy and crisp note from the lemon and orange juices.

What are the ingredients for this cocktail?

Dark rum, Cachaça or white rum, passion fruit juice, lemon and orange juices, grenadine, and crushed ice.

What kind of rums can I use?

You can use any white rum you want but I truly like Leblon Cachaça from Brazil, although Cachaça is not a rum. It has a sweet yet sharp flavor and it goes so well with any cocktail that requires rum.

As for the dark rum, I like using either Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Brugal or Bermudez rum from the Dominican Republic, or a Bacardi Dark Rum. However, you can use any dark rum you have at hand.

What is Cachaça?

Cachaça (ka-SHA-sah) is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane juice. Produced only in Brazil and the main ingredient for Brazil's national drink "Caipirinha", which I'll be showcasing on this website soon.

Where can I get Cachaça and Dark Rum?

You can order it online or at your local liquor store.

I recommend to have at least a bottle in your home bar for mixing drinks like Bahama Mama, Joe's Mango Dream, Strawberry Caipirinha, Caribbean Rum Punch, or Frozen Strawberry Mojito. You can get dark rum at any liquor store.

Where can I get passion fruit juice?

Any grocery store will have passion fruit juice. If your grocery store doesn't carry it, you can go to a Latin Supermercado or carnicería. They will carry it. can order in online.

What will I need to make this?

Aside from the ingredients listed above and below, you will need a cocktail shaker, a knife, and a tall glass.

History of the Hurricane Cocktail by Paul Senft.

The history of the Hurricane cocktail is an interesting tale of supply and demand, inspiring what would become a legendary cocktail of the southern United States. The first version of the cocktail is believed to have been served at the 1939 New York World’s Fair in Queens, at the aptly named Hurricane Bar. Not much is known about that drink, other than speculation about it containing rum, and that it was served in a Hurricane glass.

Conversely, the most popular story of the cocktail’s creation can be traced directly to Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans. The facts surrounding the cocktail’s origin also mark the recipe as a time capsule that addressed the needs of the time. In the mid-1940s, shortly after World War II ended, bourbon and Scotch whisky were in short supply. Rum, however, was plentiful. It both floated on barges down the Mississippi River and arrived at the Port of New Orleans via ships from the Caribbean.

This glut in the market led spirit distributors to get creative. They offered so-called deals which required bars to buy multiple cases of rum for one case of whiskey. However, the popular cocktails of the time necessitated whiskey. Indeed, the overabundance of rum in their storerooms quickly got out of hand.

As the story goes, Benson “Pat” O’Brien and his partner Charlie Cantrell, practically swimming in rum, decided to develop a new cocktail to help use it up. Although, other sources state it was head bartender Louis Culligan who invented the cocktail. In either case, it was Culligan who published the original Hurricane recipe in the now defunct Cabaret magazine c. 1956.

Let's make it!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 0

Serves 2 people


  • 3 oz Leblon Cachaça or any white rum

  • 3 oz of Captain Morgan Spiced Rum or any dark rum

  • 3 oz of lemon juice

  • 3 oz of orange juice

  • 6 oz of passion fruit juice

  • 1 oz of grenadine

  • 2 cups of crushed ice

  • Maraschino Cherries and orange slices for garnishing


  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine the cachaça or white rum, dark rum, grenadine, and juices together. Shake for 30 seconds.

  2. Fill tall glass with crushed ice.

  3. Pour drink over crushed ice.

  4. Garnish with sliced orange and maraschino cherry.


Printable PDF Recipe File below:

PDF • 13.62MB

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